Pilot Staff Writers

Brookings Harbor High School students showed their school spirit this week by dressing up for theme days, participating in a bonfire, a Powder Puff football game, a noise parade and homecoming football game Friday, and a dance Saturday.

The week began Monday with the annual bonfire behind Kalmiopsis Elementary School. Brookings firefighters drenched the wood dome with gasoline and made a narrow trail of gas from the perimeter to the bonfire.

They lit the trail with a flare and the line of fire dramatically snaked its way to the giant pile of tinder.

Nieca Wright, attendance secretary and freshman class advisor, said ninth-graders use discarded Pacific Wood Laminates pallets to build the bonfire.

There's no special technique. andquot;You just throw it on and make the biggest piles you can,andquot; Wright said.

She said it took about 15 people, including students and their parents, several hours to build the bonfire about two weeks ago.

The bonfire is something every student can enjoy, no matter what group they fit into at school, Wright said.

andquot;It's for everybody,andquot; she said. andquot;Everybody really enjoys it. I think that's why it's successful.andquot;

On Thursday night, male and female students reversed roles for the traditional Powder Puff flag football game. Girls from each class played in the game under the bright lights of Bankus Field.

One team was made up of senior and sophomore girls, and the other from girls in the junior and freshmen classes. Both of the teams were coached by Bruin football players.

And of course, no Powder Puff game would be complete without a boys' cheerleading team. It was no different on Thursday, as the Bankus Field crowd was entertained by the Bruin boy cheerleaders, dressed up in full regalia, including makeup and skirts. Eleven boys donned the gold, white and blue cheerleading sweaters of Brookings-Harbor High for the game.

The highlight for the boys was halftime when the squad built a human pyramid. In another routine a boy was tossed high into the air, and then, when the rest of the cheer team forgot to catch him, he plummeted to earth in the middle of the football field.

While hundreds of students looked on, the game continued at a slow pace in the second half. The senior team held an 8-0 advantage through three quarters. After the seniors/sophomores scored in the first quarter, the game became a defensive struggle. A late touchdown cut the seniors' lead to 8-6. The score held up, giving the seniors the win. Sportsmanship and fun were had by all who participated in the event.

On Tuesday, nerds took over Brookings-Harbor High School, hobos roamed the halls Thursday, and on Wednesday students were just plain wacky.

Spirit week inspired a plethora of student and teacher costumes.

andquot;Our object this year was to come up with themes kids could get out of their closet,andquot; BHHS Principal George Park said.

Between 85 and 90 percent of students participated in nerd day, Park said.

Many seemed to be inspired by the television character Steve Erkle, sporting taped-up glasses, suspenders and pants hiked chest-high.

Wacky Wednesday got about 80 percent participation, Park said.