Pilot story and photos by Marjorie Woodfin

Sunday, Oct. 31, was a banner day in the life of the Trinity Lutheran Church when its new sanctuary was dedicated on Reformation Day.

The printed program for the dedication service begins with, andquot;God will lead us on.andquot; The ceremony, beginning with the ribbon-cutting by Elna Sund and Lorraine Eide, through the music, prayers, dedication sermon and the anointing of all of the andquot;tools of the Holy Spiritandquot; as they were brought into the sanctuary, followed by the anointing of all in attendance, were reminders of God's leading.

Following the ribbon cutting, the choir, led by Charlotte Heatherly and accompanied by Jerry Moffit, entered the sanctuary joyfully singing andquot;A Mighty Fortress Is Our God.andquot;

The program proceeded through the invocation, prayer of thanksgiving, and the choir's rendition of andquot;House of Grace,andquot; which is what pastor Myrah said the church is called to be.

Scripture reading of Psalm 118, Ephesians 1:19-22, and John 4:1-26, led into the sermon hymn, andquot;The Church's One Foundation.andquot;

The blessing and anointing of the furnishings included the huge cross hanging over the sanctuary, the baptismal font, the altar, the pulpit, the sanctuary lamp, the painting of Jesus, the flags, the paschal candle, the fresh flowers, the television screens and equipment, and the stained glass, plus the entire congregation.

As he pronounced the blessing and anointing of each of the furnishings, pastor Myrah explained the symbolism of each item in the work of the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Myrah told the congregation, andquot;This is the Holy Spirit's workshop, and we have blessed each of the tools of the Holy Spirit and the last thing to be blessed is you, dedicated in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.andquot;

When speaking of the stained glass windows, he shared a mistake made in measuring the windows that led to the creation of a beautiful blue panel over each one, explaining its significance. He didn't tell who made the mistake, only shared how God was able to use the mistake for good.

He also reminded all of how blessed the church is, with a $1.1 million remodel, completely debt free.

Joy was obviously the mood of the day as the dedication was followed by refreshments, including two beautiful cakes adorned with appropriate pictures.

And even then, the festivities were not over. At 3 p.m. friends from other congregations joined in a andquot;singspirationandquot; in celebration of the new sanctuary.

Spirited music was provided by participants from Calvary Assembly of God Church, the Brookings Church of the Nazarene, Brookings-Harbor Christian Church, Brookings Christian Fellowship, and Seventh-day Adventist Church, in addition to the opening music of the Lutheran choir.

Refreshments and fellowship followed.

When it was all over, pastor Myrah said, andquot;Thanks to the community and friends from the other churches. God was clearly in charge. I'm just pleased to be a part of it. It's a dream that not many ministers see realized. It's so wonderful to see the churches in this community joining together.andquot;