By Marjorie Woodfin

Pilot staff writer

With deep regret, current officers of the Newcomer's Welcoming Club of Brookings-Harbor announced this week that the activities of the club have been put on hiatus for an indefinite period of time.

The organization, begun by Freida Longstreet in November 1968, has held 455 consecutive monthly gatherings for lunch, andquot;as a means of meeting people and learning about the community and local businesses.andquot;

The first meeting had six attending and one door prize, contributed by Longstreet who organized the group because she, who knew not one soul when she arrived in Brookings, saw a need for introducing newcomers.

Over the years, the group grew to include as many as 50 or 60 diners, and 19 or 20 door prizes at meetings.

However, the current officers, President Charles D. Fuller, Vice President Jay Mosby, Secretary Jo Ann Querin, and Treasurer Doris P. Fuller, who have served in those offices for several years with no replacements available, have decided to suspend meetings.

Charles Fuller, believing that the organization has been a wonderful way of welcoming newcomers to the community over the years, indicated hope that new leadership might be found to resume the activities to welcome newcomers and visitors.

Fuller said that the retiring officers wish to extend heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the many local businesses that have donated time and prizes over the years, andquot;contributing to the welfare and interest of the community.andquot;

The club pamphlet notes that speakers always provided interesting information about the community, plus the introduction each year of the Azalea princesses.

andquot;And upon occasion we have something special like a marriage of two people who met at Newcomer's several years ago, lost their spouses, renewed their friendship and love blossomed.andquot;

January was the last meeting.

Fuller extended a request that anyone in the community willing to donate a bit of time and effort, or provide suggestions, to help keep this welcoming organization alive and active, phone one of the outgoing officers: the Fullers at (541) 469-7193; Mosby, 469-5851; and Querin, (541) 412-0726.