Mrs. Sackett's fourth grade class at Kalmiopsis Elementary School was asked to write expositories on why Christmas is special to them or how to avoid being on Santa Claus' andquot;naughty list.andquot;

Because of the length of the expositiories, the following are excerpts from each student's submission.

A lot of people love Christmas let me in form you what I like about Christmas.

I like Christma because of presents and candy. I like looking at all those wraped presents under the tree wondering if it's going to be what I wanted. Sometimes I just want to not wait fo anybody and just rip them open, But then comes the big day and the waiting feels good.

- Tabitha Lugo

The second thing I like about Chrismas is the food. Wow, the yummy food. The mash patatoes are so good. The chichen legs are the best out of the whole feast. The reason why I like food on Chrismas is because my whole family is there. I ususally don't get to see them exoept at Chrismas time.

- Kia Collins

I never got on santa's bad list because I'm perfect. I get presents every year.

Let me explain what you need to know about being good, So every chance you get to be nice take it.

For example if you see a teacher walking down the hall open the door for her. So if you be nice al the time you might get something in return. Another example if you see a friend who needs help with home work go over and explain it to him, If you follow all these steps I sware you will be on the nice list every year.

- David Freeman

I am a good girl and know how not to get on the naughty list. Let me explain to you how easy it can be.

The first thing you need to know is to be nice to others, Be especially nice to your parents. For example help your parents with their cooking, I am really good at cooking corn. I am always nice to my frinds and other people in my class. I am nice to my friends by including them in the games I play, I am really good at sharing. Be sure to be nice to others so that you can stay off the naughty list.

- Katlyn Smith

I love Christmas because it is the only time of the year to put up a Chrismtas tree, One of my favorite things are putting up the big Christmas tree. The Christmas tree, it smells like fresh pepermint right fron the wodes. When we put it up in are house it smells so good, When we are done then my mom puts hte oreduments on the tree. WThen we test it out and it works then we go to bed. Thats way chrismas is the best time of the ye ywar to cut down a tree, and presents.

- Fernando Lira

I know how to stay off Santa's naughty list, beause I get presents every year, I can show you a few ways how to effectively not get on a certain Santa's naughty list. Then you too can get presents every year.

The first thing you need to learn is what not to do. The first two things you don;t do are fight with your family, Or be mean to your brotyer, If you do that you'll surely get on Santa;s naufhty list So don;t do that, ever!

- Dylan Flores

My favorite time of the year is Christmas time. Everybody loves Christmas time. I am about to explain to you why I like Christmas time.

One reason why I like Christmas time is because all the decorations they put up every year, Like all the lights the put up every year at Azalea Park, There always the same but I still like them, Most people get wreaths and hang them on their door.

- Matthew Bevan

If you dont want to get on Santa's naughty list just follow me and my brain smarts. Then in the middle of the night you will get presents, Just read this every year and then you will be on the good list every Christmas Eve.

The first thing youc ant do is that you can't be out all night trying to find him. He doesn't like the kids to know what they will get on Chrismas, I don't get why you would want to any way. It would spoil the suprise of the amazing day.

- Chantelle Nelson

While we are up in the woods in the snow we look for the perfect christmas tree, We drive around and get our of the car occasionally to walk around some trees to look for the tree that sould be in our home rather then charlie Brown;s. Chrismas is a time for creating family memories.

- Devin Martin

Who doesn't like Christmas? I mean, come on, it'spretty much the best holiday in the world! Let me tell you why.

Christmas is the best holiday in the world because you can spend time with family! One of the things we do is decorate the tree together.

My mom, dad brothers and I decorate the tree with lights, ornaments and recent pictures of my brothers and i on the tree.

- Mackenzie Barbour

The first thing I like about Chrismas are the presents. I love the rapping paper that gose on the presents. The bows that go on top are really pretty. I like getting presents and opening them. It is fun opening presnts. I love seeing all the pretty rapping paper. I love ripping all the rapping paper so much.

- Haley Evans

I like Chrismas because I get presents. Its easy being good for Chritmas, just let me explain to you how to earn your way to lot of presents.

One of the things I do to be good and get presents is by helping others. One of the things I do is help my mom with the house. I also help my dad pop his back. To pop his back I walk on it.

- Zachary Williams

One of my favorite parts of Christmas are the decorations, I love all the lights around town and at the park. My family and I love to go to the park and we drive around town. We look and go andquot;ooo aaa.andquot;

I also enjoy chrismtas arts and crafts decorations, We always make ginge bread houses and make our own ornaments. Seeing the decorations with my family makes me fuzzy inside.

I'm always good I know because every year I get presanta from Santa Clause, Let me explain how to get on Santa's good list.

The first thing is you follow all the rules you can, One thing I get a lot is don't wrestal in the house, Another rule thats in class is raise your hand to speak. Raise your hand to get up. Be nice to others and be nice to your teacher, You could also hold doors open for people.

- Onyx Peterson

One of the best things about Chrismas is the colors, I don;t know why I just love th colors red and green. It might be because they;re the best colors in the unizerse. Or I just like them. Either one, I think Chrismas colors might reassemble to Chrismas, Or maybe I just crazy, I also like the Chrismas colros beause they;re so bright, From my art lessons red is a prmy color because it pops out at you, Green is a sacondary color beause it;s not as broght as red. that's why I love the Chrismas colors.

- Nick Boynton

Another awesome way of being on Santa;s Good List is to help and give to others, I guess Santa really likes that. If you have any old toys, you can give them to charity. You pack up the toys and and bring them to charity, It kind of makes you sad when you see homeless people doesn't it. Do you could make a stop to that, You would change the world, Also you can help kids that fall on the playground, You can help them up and also bring them to the nurst, You can ask them if they want to play too, Because I know that Santa likes that, Youf you follow these steps you won;t be getting coal for Christmas.

- Danner Snow

It's easy not to get on santa;s naughty list, I know beause I do it every year, If you want to know more read on.

One way is to make sure your parents are happy, The first way to do that is don;t as for lots of presents. When you bug them they get annoyed, and then only want to get you a few things, Another thing is you should not get in your mom;s way when she is baking cooking cookies for Santa, After all we don;t want to make santa sick.

- Sean Colbert