By Valliant Corley

Pilot staff writer

PORT ORFORD - One of the three newly elected members of the Coos-Curry Electric Cooperative board kept insisting Friday that the co-op immediately give a rate reduction to its members. That came following a presentation that showed the co-op currently with $1 million more than budgeted for this year.

andquot;We're doing good right now, so let's give some back,andquot; said John G. Herzog, who represents the Brookings-Harbor area on the board.

andquot;This is one of the good years. We've had some not so good,andquot; Chief Financial Officer Doyle F. Eden said after giving the monthly financial presentation.

andquot;After seeing our financials, we had issues with our rates and stuff,andquot; Herzog said. andquot;I think we should address this today.andquot;

Chairman Daryl Robison, also a new board member, had earlier said that the board would be in a position by its November meeting to know if the money is there to reduce rates.

andquot;There's also a discussion of giving free kilowatt hours (to members) instead of reducing rates,andquot; Robison said.

Board Vice President Grant Combs, of Myrtle Point, said the board should first do better research on the effect a rate cut would have.

andquot;Will we do it in the budget for next year or do it for the rest of the year,andquot; Combs said.

andquot;We've been saying we're going to do it,andquot; Herzog said.

andquot;It has to be an orderly process where we take in all the factors,andquot; said Board Treasurer David G. Itzen, who also represents the Brookings-Harbor area.

andquot;I'm tired of orderly,andquot; Herzog replied.

He was asked what if costs go back up for the next year.

andquot;We can give it back and take it back later,andquot; Herzog said.

andquot;We have to wait and see,andquot; Itzen said.

General Manager Werner Buehler said the staff is working on a budget to give a rate reduction.

andquot;We're heading toward that policy,andquot; Buehler said. andquot;I support that 100 percent, but I won't support that without an orderly process. I don't want to go back next year and say we have to raise them.andquot;

Buehler said the co-op's staff would make a presentation by the November meeting when the budget is discussed.

andquot;It's not going to happen under my watch until we know the whole effect,andquot; Buehler said.

andquot;We're going to make a decision,andquot; said Gary Schlottman of Gold Beach, another of the new board members.

andquot;I know it's really frustrating,andquot; Itzen said. andquot;We're working toward what we are going to do.andquot;

andquot;I don't want Werner (Buehler) to think he's got all that money to spend,andquot; Herzog said. andquot;He's good at that. Look at all those (new) trucks out there,andquot; Herzog said pointing out the window.

Herzog, a UPS driver, said the cuts should be made now.

andquot;If it's in the truck, you deliver it that day,andquot; he said.

andquot;I'm putting on my black hat,andquot; Herzog said. andquot;It's black hat day.andquot;