By Leah Weissman

Pilot staff writer

Dog owners who walk into the Bodacious Doggy Styles grooming shop are usually greeted by a pack of four-legged customers allowed to run around the store - as long as they are well behaved.

andquot;It's a pretty open atmosphere,andquot; co-owner Charee Brown said. andquot;We don't cage or muzzle the dogs unless they show signs of aggression.andquot;

The fun-loving canine salon opened Oct. 1, and is owned and managed by sisters Maygen Brown, 19, and Charee Brown, 21.

andquot;When we first moved here six years ago, our parents wanted to open up a family-run business so bad,andquot; Charee said. andquot;And we knew whatever we were going to open, it would have the word 'Bodacious' in the name.andquot;

With a name picked out, but the form of business still undecided, the Brown family didn't know what to do - until Maygen took an interest in dog grooming.

andquot;I've been grooming dogs for five years, all the way through high school, and at pretty much every grooming place here,andquot; Maygen said.

andquot;First I wanted to be a vet. I mean, you really only think of grooming as a job. But while working at Brookings-Harbor Veterinary Clinic about a year ago, I realized how much fun grooming is. I love animals and I love making dogs beautiful.andquot;

With Maygen's newfound career in mind, the Brown family made their dream come true and transformed the empty space at 15348 Highway 101, Suite A, into a full-service dog grooming facility.

The sisters instantly started applying their knowledge and devotion to animals within their business.

Maygen taught Charee how to cut, bathe and groom dogs, and Charee encouraged first-time clients to stick around and see what goes on andquot;behind the scenes.andquot;

andquot;We've set up an area where customers can sit, see what we do, or maybe watch 'The Dog Whisperer' while they wait,andquot; Charee said. andquot;Some places don't like it when customers hang around, but we do.andquot;

To set themselves apart, the sisters have added elements to their business other grooming shops perhaps don't provide.

andquot;For instance, we have stairs leading into the bathtub for older dogs with arthritis, and for big dogs we can't pick up,andquot; Maygen said. andquot;And we offer a pick up and delivery service for customers who can't drive here.

andquot;We always think, 'What can we do to make our business more successful?'andquot; she added.

Charee said people will sometimes walk into the shop, see how young the sisters are, and act leery about leaving their dogs.

andquot;But we have never had any complaints, and business gets better and better each month,andquot; she said. andquot;Our community is the perfect place to open a grooming shop - people here treat their dogs like their children.andquot;

The Bodacious Doggy Styles grooming shop provides:




?Pedicures - clip, file, shape and paint nails,



?Blow drying,

?Hair brushing,

?Teeth cleaning,

?Cat grooming coming soon.

All services are offered at a sliding scale fee based on the dog's size, temperament and previous maintenance.

Discounts are available for first-time clients who adopt their dog from the pound or humane society, and seasonal discounts are available throughout the year on different services.

Bodacious Doggy Styles is located at 15348 Highway 101, Suite A. The shop is open 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, and Saturday by appointment. Dog owners can contact the groomers at (541) 469-6937.