By Marjorie Woodfin

Pilot staff writer

One young Brookings-Harbor High School graduate has found a creative way to raise money for college tuition.

Skylar Windham explained, andquot;I'm going to Western Oregon University in September and I'm trying to save money for tuition ? I was thinking about ways to make money online.andquot;

Windham, who said he is andquot;not that computer savvy,andquot; came up, however, with an idea for a poster and made what he calls, andquot;a simple Web site: The Smile Poster.andquot;

He has created online a poster with 96 squares, each to hold the photo of a smiling baby face. andquot;I plan on publishing The Smile Poster as an actual poster, so all the babies added will be a permanent part of the world of art,andquot; he explained.

Any parent who believes that his or her baby's smiling face will bring joy to viewers can, for $25, place baby's picture on the approximately 8-inch by 12-inch poster that Windham plans to publish.

andquot;I like art, particularly black and white portraits, and what's cuter than a smiling baby?andquot; Windham said.

andquot;I think if people look at this poster when it's completed, they won't be able to help but smile themselves,andquot; he added.

Windham explained that he decided to go public because he doesn't personally know 96 babies. andquot;It's a win-win situation. People get to show off their baby's cuteness, while I get to go to school.andquot;

Windham suddenly had a second thought, andquot;I forgot to mention that, if a person has children who are now adults, they can still post one of their baby pictures on the poster.andquot;

Although he failed to mention it, Windham will no doubt be willing to accept photos and $25 from doting grandparents as well.

He pleaded, andquot;Oh, and please do go to the Web site. It's up and running. The hard part wasn't building the Web site, it's getting people to see it.andquot;

Windham's telephone number is (541) 469-3368 and his e-mail address is . The Web site address is http://www.