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GOLD BEACH - A drunken, half-naked man who attacked a 17-year-old girl walking home from the library was convicted of menacing in Curry County Circuit Court this week.

Bert Eugene Ainsworth, 50, Port Orford, was convicted Monday.

andquot;The 17-year-old girl had been working on a report in the library in Port Orford,andquot; District Attorney Everett Dial said.

Dial said the intoxicated Ainsworth was wearing no shoes or shirt and was wet when he accosted the girl the night of Oct. 10.

andquot;He grabbed her by the coat and she managed to slip away,andquot; Dial said.

andquot;Then he grabbed her shirt, held it, and said 'Do you want to go play games?'andquot; Dial said.

The girl twisted away and ran home.

andquot;It was his intent to place this 17-year-old girl in fear of imminent serious physical injury,andquot; Dial said.

Ainsworth pleaded no contest to the charge, saying he had no memory of the incident. In exchange for his plea, a second charge of harassment was dropped.

Ainsworth was sentenced to 20 days in Curry County jail, 24 months' probation and to pay $567 plus $120 toward court-appointed attorney fees.