Remembering a Scout leader by hiking the forest

Last summer, as my fiance, Jessie, and I moved to Brookings, we planned a visit … Read more

4-words to ruin the feast

I saw a thread on social media yesterday that had me crying in laughter, followed … Read more

A 17-year adventure at the helm comes to an end

I was walking up Chetco Avenue in downtown Brookings the other day when a motorist … Read more

For want of a bell pepper

What I now know about taking in the harvest, prepping food and canning veggies is … Read more

Why are the strange gifts for me?

We journalists receive some of the most interesting, uh, “gifts” from our readers — some … Read more

The art of curling, curly fries and hair

The sun might be getting up late and going to bed early these days, but … Read more

Hand me the rake, I’m going into battle

It’s autumn. Which means it’s time for ... Fall colors? Cooler weather? Pumpkins? Nah. It’s … Read more

Chicken massacre at the ranch

I’ve been watching the Game of Thrones recently, so Sunday night, when I was off … Read more

A rockabilly wedding

As you read this, my next-door neighbors and I — and many others in town … Read more

Farewell flip phone, it was nice while it lasted

On the desk before me sits a black, palm-sized flip phone, its battery power dwindling, … Read more

Canning it all at once

Now that I have mastered (translation: sort of understand) the art of pressure canning, I’ve … Read more

Navigating the speed bumps of life

Yesterday, my daughter was in elementary school. Today, she’s in high school. Just like that! … Read more

Canning botulism

Last weekend, I tried my hand at pressure-canning. I’ve been so excited about doing this, … Read more

Naming the flock

I was at a friend’s house recently admiring her flock of chickens. I just love … Read more

Driving in Ireland

Oh, how I laugh (inside) when people complain about Chetco Avenue’s narrow lanes, the lack … Read more

Activity suits me to the tee

A friend of mine and I took a relatively uneventful paddleboarding trek on the Chetco … Read more

Cullin’ the herd like a redneck

They roam the neighborhoods at night, stealing at will. They’re quiet, elusive, and jump over … Read more

Technology isn’t always so easy

I have never been a techno-geek, and I don’t plan on changing. I’ll never forget … Read more

Wildfire stirs up mixed emotions

Friday was my eighth straight day of covering the Chetco Bar Fire for the paper … Read more

3 weeks with a carry-on

My daughter, despite her love of foreign countries, gets a wee bit anxious getting to … Read more

Fishy smell and front doors make an impression

Pilot reader Patricia Perez and her husband have visited Brookings since the early 1990s and … Read more

Rescuing a treed cat

I smiled when I read about the Cape Ferrelo Rural Fire Department’s rescue of a … Read more

Goga: Serenity with a goat

I laughed out loud the other day when I read a news item saying “there … Read more

Is it a mid-life crisis or opportunity?

Mid-life crisis. Am I having one? Am I old enough to have one? If so, … Read more

Raccoons: Tweakers of the wild

OK. Now I’m mad. I knew I was tempting fate, what with bird feeders and … Read more

The life of a chicken wrangler

I am the proud new owner of a couple of hens! But it won’t come … Read more

1957: Crime wave, new bridges and noteworthy news

You can tell a lot about the relative lack of crime in Curry County in … Read more

Going for a ride? Here's what the dogs say.

A column I wrote earlier this year listed the top five reasons why dogs like … Read more

To power wash or not to power wash? What a silly question

Have I told you how much I love my power-washer? Let me count the ways … Read more

Answer me this

You think cell phone use is annoying? Let’s take a little trip back in time. … Read more

Me and nonspecificity

I can’t wait until my next birthday, because my driver’s license is expiring! Here in … Read more

For sale — or trade for ammo

Consumerism in Curry not always on target The newsroom is always a place of deep … Read more

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