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News arrow Opinion arrow Letters to the Editor published Saturday, Dec. 18, 2010


Letters to the Editor published Saturday, Dec. 18, 2010

Letter for the Grinch who stole Santa


Here’s a letter I’d like to send.

Dear Mr. Grinch,

I live on a quiet street in Brookings. On Friday Dec. 10, someone came into my front yard while I was home and stole an 8-foot inflatable Santa Claus decoration.

 Really? I put these lights up every year for my two little boys and our neighborhood. Let me tell you, Mr. Grinch, Christmas will go on and I hope you needed Christmas more than my family. I will keep decorating every year and am more prepared now. I have to explain to a 4-year-old every day why Santa left and isn’t coming back. I have only one word to say, and it’s “karma!” What’s happening to this town?

Merry Christmas!

Matt Flesher


Military-industrial complex is 3rd party


The military-industrial complex is our third party.

I remember sitting in our living room in the afternoons waiting for one of the three channels on our 13-inch black and white TV to start broadcasting. And, I remember President Eisenhower, upon leaving office, warning us about “the military-industrial complex” and how it had become an entity unto itself, growing out of proportion to our national needs and interests, and how it was influencing the decisions of our government leaders.

Since 1945, our nation has fought in five major conflicts. Korea was a stalemate. No one surrendered, and half the country is still governed by our enemies. Vietnam was a loss. The entire country went communist. The first Gulf War wasn’t good enough. We had to fight a second war in Iraq to finish the job, and there is still no functioning government in that country. Now, it’s Afghanistan. After the expenditure of trillions of dollars and the loss of millions of lives on all sides, it’s time for loyal Americans to tell Washington “Enough.”

Another nuclear aircraft carrier or B-2 bomber will not change the mindset of even a single religious radical who wishes to do us harm. Further, our country is broke. It is not a matter of whether or not we keep the Bush tax cuts. It is a matter of whether or not we continue to fund “national defense” and these endless no-win wars, or fund Medicare and Social Security. That is the reality we must address. But, without overwhelming public outcry, our politicians in Washington will continue to do nothing. 

C.K. Wood


Rate hike a reward for cutting back?


We were asked to cut down on electric usage by CCEC (Coos-Curry Electric Cooperative, Inc.). We did.

Now, BPA (Bonneville Power Administration), partially federalized, will raise our electric rates 8.4 percent, citing decreased usage. Who will help avoid further insult to our ability to reason and our wallets? I would write to the following but:

•Sen. Wyden doesn’t even have a family living in Oregon, and has an in-state allowance for office electric paid by us;

•Rep. DeFazio’s interests are with the Progressive Party, the Working Family Party, Obama’s Party and the economy of New Zealand – not us;

•Sen. Merkley, as head of the state house before ascending to the U.S. Senate, ran the Oregon house as a fiefdom after publicly stating a need for bi-partisan rule (sound familiar?). His in-state state office electric bills are covered by us.

Obama said “electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket” under cap and trade. Really? Why is that when the majority of our power is generated by a fully paid-for non-polluting facility on the Columbia? Are our soaring energy costs now simply a back door by Obama to slide in parts of the failed cap and trade bill? If so, is it monetary and health revenge for not getting his way?

Also, Congress in January 2010 tied the Russian and U.S. power grids together. How do we heat, cook, light and recharge our dinky little cars with this crazed attack on our electric power? My most recent electric bill was 33 percent of my earned social security payment. How about you?

Doug Bewall

Gold Beach

Real representation needed in Congress


I’m reading Sarah Palin’s new book “America By Heart” and am impressed by her honesty and clarity of thought as to what made America the great country it was before the liberals and feminists took over. She writes about those who first came here to get away from oppression, and the pioneers who ventured west not knowing what lay ahead, and also about the strong, hard-working women who willingly did their part.

She tells of one woman, Crystal Clear Snow Jenne, who became the first female member of the Alaska Territorial House of Representatives in 1940, after trying and failing four times. In 1956, this woman described herself this way:

“I firmly believe that what is needed in our Legislature today is a real representative of the people whose qualifications are honesty, common sense, knowledge of conditions, aggressiveness, independence, and fearlessness, together with business ability and experience.”

I believe this to be true today, maybe more so than in 1956, and, unfortunately, it’s sadly lacking not only nationally but within the individual states. I do think and hope that some of the new members in Congress have these qualifications. We shall see.

Doris Roepke



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