Letters to Editor

obvious disconnect Kevin Vanginderen’s recent letter here correctly noted the obvious disconnect between the actual … Read more

Curry County citizens deserve Forest Service’s immediate help

By Court Boice, Curry County Commissioner In the wake of the Chetco Bar Fire, I … Read more

Letters to Editor

No reason for it I wish to respond to the article regarding the proposed resolution … Read more

A rockabilly wedding

As you read this, my next-door neighbors and I — and many others in town … Read more

Letters to the editor

What you sign up for You know I find it strange, but not unusual, that … Read more

Pilot coverage of suicides

Gauging by the low number of suicides reported in the Pilot, it would be easy … Read more

Farewell flip phone, it was nice while it lasted

On the desk before me sits a black, palm-sized flip phone, its battery power dwindling, … Read more

Letters to Editor

Politics in Sports When I go to a sporting event, I leave my politics at … Read more

Canning it all at once

Now that I have mastered (translation: sort of understand) the art of pressure canning, I’ve … Read more

Letters to Editor

Groupthink mentality I attended the Brookings City Council meeting on Monday, Sept. 25. I left … Read more

Suicide: Conversation that could save a life

By Gordon Clay, public advocate for health issues, www.Zeroattempts.org, Brookings In the Sept. 2 issue … Read more

Navigating the speed bumps of life

Yesterday, my daughter was in elementary school. Today, she’s in high school. Just like that! … Read more

Letters to Editor

Here to smear Brain damage is not only affecting football players. Some of the Pilot’s … Read more

Canning botulism

Last weekend, I tried my hand at pressure-canning. I’ve been so excited about doing this, … Read more

Letters to Editor

A time for prayer There will be a prayer booth set up for the community … Read more

Lessons learned in fire aftermath

For the first time in nearly five weeks, there is not a story about the … Read more

Letters to Editor

Work and pray A tip of the cap to Mr. Steve Johnston for his comment … Read more

Naming the flock

I was at a friend’s house recently admiring her flock of chickens. I just love … Read more

Letters to the Editor

Keep it unspoiled The week before the fire kicked up, my wife and I hiked … Read more

Take action now to address wildfires ravaging Oregon

By David Brock Smith, Oregon House of Representatives (R-Port Orford), Curry, Coos, Douglas and Josephine … Read more

Suicide: risk factors and warning signs

By Gordon Clay, public advocate for health issues, www.Zeroattempts.org, Brookings In my Sept. 2 forum, … Read more

Letters to editor

TImber up in smoke I fully endorse and confirm the comments and reports in a … Read more

Driving in Ireland

Oh, how I laugh (inside) when people complain about Chetco Avenue’s narrow lanes, the lack … Read more

Salute to fire personnel is well deserved

Since Aug. 19, when the Chetco Bar Fire exploded and threatened the Brookings-Harbor community, the … Read more

Letters to Editor

VA health care Monday, when I spoke at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new … Read more

Letters to Editor

What a response! When looking at the horrible disaster in Houston, Texas, it’s just amazing … Read more

Activity suits me to the tee

A friend of mine and I took a relatively uneventful paddleboarding trek on the Chetco … Read more

Letters to the Editor

I am Anti-Lucifer Dr. Michael Sommer said my letter to the editor (Pilot, Aug. 19) … Read more

Donations: Give wisely

Natural disasters, such as the Chetco Bar Fire near Brookings and Hurricane Harvey in Texas, … Read more

Letters to Editor

AntI-semitic rant I’m appalled that the Pilot would print the disgusting anti-Semitic rant of Dr. … Read more

Break the silence and prevent suicides

In 2015, 44,193 Americans took their own lives leaving behind thousands of friends and family … Read more

Cullin’ the herd like a redneck

They roam the neighborhoods at night, stealing at will. They’re quiet, elusive, and jump over … Read more

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