Driving in Ireland

Oh, how I laugh (inside) when people complain about Chetco Avenue’s narrow lanes, the lack … Read more

Salute to fire personnel is well deserved

Since Aug. 19, when the Chetco Bar Fire exploded and threatened the Brookings-Harbor community, the … Read more

Letters to Editor

VA health care Monday, when I spoke at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new … Read more

Letters to Editor

What a response! When looking at the horrible disaster in Houston, Texas, it’s just amazing … Read more

Activity suits me to the tee

A friend of mine and I took a relatively uneventful paddleboarding trek on the Chetco … Read more

Letters to the Editor

I am Anti-Lucifer Dr. Michael Sommer said my letter to the editor (Pilot, Aug. 19) … Read more

Donations: Give wisely

Natural disasters, such as the Chetco Bar Fire near Brookings and Hurricane Harvey in Texas, … Read more

Letters to Editor

AntI-semitic rant I’m appalled that the Pilot would print the disgusting anti-Semitic rant of Dr. … Read more

Break the silence and prevent suicides

In 2015, 44,193 Americans took their own lives leaving behind thousands of friends and family … Read more

Cullin’ the herd like a redneck

They roam the neighborhoods at night, stealing at will. They’re quiet, elusive, and jump over … Read more

Letters to Editor

Shoddy Governance Two thirds of Curry County Board of Commissioners are expected to support a … Read more

Forest roads don’t always damage streams

If a forest road enables logging to make productive use of federal land, that’s good. … Read more

Technology isn’t always so easy

I have never been a techno-geek, and I don’t plan on changing. I’ll never forget … Read more

Letters to Editor

A priceless service Firefighters don’t get paid enough! Jeff McMoran Brookings Upside down world Just … Read more

Chetco Bar Fire: Seeing the big picture

I’ve had a question I’ve heard repeated endlessly on social media this week, which was: … Read more

Wildfire stirs up mixed emotions

Friday was my eighth straight day of covering the Chetco Bar Fire for the paper … Read more

Letters to Editor

Thanks firefighters As a resident of Carpenterville Road, I want to thank all those doing … Read more

Letters to Editor

For entire county The South Curry County Healthcare Alliance hosted a very well attended, very … Read more

A weekend to stay calm

There’s a potential for chaos in the Brookings area this weekend — with smoke-filled skies, … Read more

Letters to Editor

Plan for the Twerp Is it not time for the five former presidents of our … Read more

3 weeks with a carry-on

My daughter, despite her love of foreign countries, gets a wee bit anxious getting to … Read more

Fishy smell and front doors make an impression

Pilot reader Patricia Perez and her husband have visited Brookings since the early 1990s and … Read more

School clothes for Curry County’s kids

To Curry County residents: While there might be a little groaning about the return of … Read more

Dealing with summer traffic

Summertime in Curry County means traffic – on the highway, in towns, in parking lots … Read more

Letters to Editor

Carousel support The carousel does it again! Once again we celebrated National Carousel Day with … Read more

Letters to Editor

Give him a Chance In reply to Mr. Pruitt from Port Orford: (Pilot, July 29): … Read more

Community support for Kans-4-Kids

As the immediate past president of the Brookings-Harbor Lions Club, I wish to thank the … Read more

Rescuing a treed cat

I smiled when I read about the Cape Ferrelo Rural Fire Department’s rescue of a … Read more

Letters to Editor

Share your story We’re looking for anecdotes. During September of last year, we introduced a … Read more

More on the beach fire ban

Oops! The Curry Coastal Pilot jumped to the wrong conclusion regarding the current ban on … Read more

Letters to editor

Martin Luther King “Why Martin Luther King Jr. was not a Unitarian” by Dan Sherman … Read more

Beach fire ban is premature

Thank you Coos Forest Protection Association for putting a damper — literally — on the … Read more

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