New form of e-cigs lures teens despite no proof it’s safe

The electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette, has been touted — without proof — as a healthier … Read more

Letters to the editor

Not moral Assad is accused of using chemical weapons on his people. Vice President Pence … Read more

Letters to the editor

Energy costs By now you should have received your Annual Capital Credit Allocation Notice if … Read more

Dogs learn to socialize in new program

By Judy Shafer We did it. Jenifer Alcorn, another new South Coast Humane Society (SCHS) … Read more

Letter to the Editor

Offence vs. murder With reference to the earlier letter “Where To Start” (April 7), I … Read more

It’s time to look for light instead of darkness

By Nancy McClelland Thank you for printing the Public Forum by Julie Freeman about the … Read more

Letters to the editor

Stop the carnage I would support an ordinance, law, etc., to create a minimum age … Read more

Letters to the editor

Need solutions China announced in July 2017 they would stop importing plastic waste at the … Read more

Support salmon season alternative

By Jake Pieper Purpose of this letter is to express the unanimous support the Brooking … Read more

When good copy machines go bad

When the machines rise up to slaughter the human race, it’s not going to be … Read more

Letters to the editor

Mismanagement Some of the issues at Sutter Coast are not understood or even mentioned. It … Read more

Drop the rhetoric, work together

By Rich Fairbanks I’ve spent most of my career working in fire management, reaching back … Read more

Letters to the editor

Too many attempts The latest information from the CDC reports that 45,000 people died by … Read more

Letters to the editor

Thanks to donor Today I received a phone call from Coos Curry Electric. I was … Read more

Letter to Curry Commissioners

I support the increased salvage logging resolution. In my opinion, aside from saving some of … Read more

Jesus and the thieves

Easter is a day Christians all around the world celebrate the crucifixion, death, and resurrection … Read more

Picky chickens

Apparently, I’m raising snobs, posing as chickens. Back in the good ol’ days of last … Read more

Forest stewardship for future generations of people, wildlife

By Carl Page, fisheries biologist, Smith River, Chetco River Alliance The U.S. Forest Service and … Read more

Letters to the editor

curry health care It’s nice to read that some of our county commissioners, when not … Read more

Let’s take a trip

Last weekend, Jessie “had” to go to a bachelorette party in Cabo. Poor thing. I … Read more

Step away from emotional issues

If you’ve ever had an experience with the sudden influx of migratory Siskin Finch, you … Read more

Letters to the editor

Remember history I can truly understand these students and their angst about guns. What I … Read more

Service dogs on vacation

I was just planning another exotic vacation when I remembered — oh yeah! — I … Read more

Realtors among the first contacts in a new town

Over the years, my family and I have moved… a lot! As someone who has … Read more

Letters to the editor

Where’s Huxley? “My name is Tom Huxley. I’m a commissioner in Curry County.” Coulda fooled … Read more

Social issues drive human behavior

By Dan Roger Sherman Broookings The good news is that the world is now a … Read more

Flying the not-so-friendly skies

If you ever find yourself in an airplane that’s on fire and hurtling toward a … Read more

No desire to die or take pills

The doctor wrote a prescription for my blood pressure Thursday. She wasn’t having any of … Read more

Letters to the editor

Ethical Journalism? Feb. 26, correspondence was sent to the editorial page editor and deputy editor … Read more

The joys of buying a home

I’ve been half-enjoying, half-cringing as I watch the trials and tribulations of a coworker — … Read more

Letters to the editor

Why different? I am sure most people reading this, if you print it, will be … Read more

If you don’t buy it, it can’t own you

After years of working and hunting in Pennsylvania, I moved to Florida for a better … Read more

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