3 weeks with a carry-on

My daughter, despite her love of foreign countries, gets a wee bit anxious getting to … Read more

Fishy smell and front doors make an impression

Pilot reader Patricia Perez and her husband have visited Brookings since the early 1990s and … Read more

School clothes for Curry County’s kids

To Curry County residents: While there might be a little groaning about the return of … Read more

Dealing with summer traffic

Summertime in Curry County means traffic – on the highway, in towns, in parking lots … Read more

Letters to Editor

Carousel support The carousel does it again! Once again we celebrated National Carousel Day with … Read more

Letters to Editor

Give him a Chance In reply to Mr. Pruitt from Port Orford: (Pilot, July 29): … Read more

Community support for Kans-4-Kids

As the immediate past president of the Brookings-Harbor Lions Club, I wish to thank the … Read more

Rescuing a treed cat

I smiled when I read about the Cape Ferrelo Rural Fire Department’s rescue of a … Read more

Letters to Editor

Share your story We’re looking for anecdotes. During September of last year, we introduced a … Read more

More on the beach fire ban

Oops! The Curry Coastal Pilot jumped to the wrong conclusion regarding the current ban on … Read more

Letters to editor

Martin Luther King “Why Martin Luther King Jr. was not a Unitarian” by Dan Sherman … Read more

Beach fire ban is premature

Thank you Coos Forest Protection Association for putting a damper — literally — on the … Read more

Letters to Editor

GORSE FIRE I applaud the efforts of the 15 firefighters from Brookings, Harbor and Coos … Read more

Letters to editor

Shock to the Left Recently, a liberal news outlet took a poll in a blue … Read more

No taxes on our groceries

Food sold at the grocery store is not taxed in Oregon. And grocers have done … Read more

Goga: Serenity with a goat

I laughed out loud the other day when I read a news item saying “there … Read more

Letters to Editor

A warning from Bud I lived in Brookings from the early 1950s until 1958. I … Read more

Is it a mid-life crisis or opportunity?

Mid-life crisis. Am I having one? Am I old enough to have one? If so, … Read more

Letters to Editor

Trump the puppet The conservative Cold Warriors of bygone generations would never have believed the … Read more

Raccoons: Tweakers of the wild

OK. Now I’m mad. I knew I was tempting fate, what with bird feeders and … Read more

Letters to Editor

Road fund loans A recent Pilot article stated that it appears three counties in Oregon … Read more

The life of a chicken wrangler

I am the proud new owner of a couple of hens! But it won’t come … Read more

1957: Crime wave, new bridges and noteworthy news

You can tell a lot about the relative lack of crime in Curry County in … Read more

Important things to say about Legislative session

Jeff Kruse, Oregon senator The Legislature has finished its work.All the votes have been bought … Read more

Letters to the Editor

The port’s greed Let me start in saying that I have been associated with the … Read more

Going for a ride? Here's what the dogs say.

A column I wrote earlier this year listed the top five reasons why dogs like … Read more

Truth, justice and the American way

To celebrate our nation’s birthday, the Curry Coastal Pilot is reprinting excerpts from the Declaration … Read more

To power wash or not to power wash? What a silly question

Have I told you how much I love my power-washer? Let me count the ways … Read more

Answer me this

You think cell phone use is annoying? Let’s take a little trip back in time. … Read more

Letters to the editor

Irresponsible Gun Story Jane Stebbins’ two advertorials on handgun ownership, presenting small automatic weapons in … Read more

Letters to Editor

Honest mistake Does an Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife fine violate the 8th Amendment? … Read more

Keep guard up during fire season

Fire season in Curry County, with its many restrictions, begins Monday — and it’s a … Read more

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